HLine Reload Edition Humvee

Reload Edition

Starts at $59,500.00

HLine conversions starts with the iconic military HMMWV (Pronounced Humvee).  This vehicle is from the United States Armed Forces and has a rich and proud heritage.  We restore the Humvee to bring out the best it has to offer.

This custom build features HLine Conversions' legendary 6.6L Duramax with an Allison Transmission coupled to a selectable 2Hi/4Hi transfer case to maximize MPG, while offering 500HP/1000LB of Torque.  Each vehicle's body and frame is meticulously inspected and prepped for this extreme build.  

Duramax Conversion includes the following: Duramax Diesel Drivetrain, Duramax Mount System, Body Lift Kit, HI Flow Intake Kit, Cooling System, Intercooler Kit, Transmission Cooling System, Exhaust System, Fuel System, Gauge Package, Custom Drive Shafts, Plug N Play Harness Conversion, 500HP/1000LB Torque, and a Torque Tuner Programmer.

Additional options are available to fully customize this Humvee and make it your Ultimate Humvee!

Next Steps....

If you are ready for HLine Conversions to build your Reload Edition, click on the button below and one of our partners will contact you.  We are excited you have selected HLine Conversions to make your dream of owning a Humvee a reality.

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