Goodwin Assist

The Patented Goodwin Assist is a revolutionary new technology for assisting vehicles to become highly fuel efficient plug-in hybrid applications.

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Goodwin Assist, a revolutionary new technology


18-24 Month ROI

The Goodwin Assist is focused squarely on the bang for the buck proposition of maximizing fuel savings with minimal capital investment resulting in the shortest ROI.


  • Up to 60% Fuel Cost Reduction
  • Up to 30% Emission Reduction
  • Increased Power


Typical drive trains, transmissions, and internal combustion engines are highly inefficient. Goodwin Assist components include a state of the art electric motor, system controller, and a modular lithium-ion battery pack – which can be plugged into any standard 110 outlet, to store inexpensive power from the grid.


The Goodwin Assist applies that stored energy via the electric motor to assist the vehicle and or vehicle trailer when  it is most inefficient, significantly reducing work-load of the engine and the use of fossil fuel. 

The Goodwin Assist reads the engines performance and increases the assist when the internal combustion engine will benefit most from a fuel saving perspective such as frequent starts and stops. As well as long distance applications.


The Goodwin Assist requires no EPA approval or crash testing, and is comprised mostly of approved off the shelf components from industry leading automotive providers. Our duel-fuel approach allows vehicles to take advantage of the great power delivered at the equivalent of $0.75 per gallon.   The Goodwin Assist can see their fuel cost is cut up to half or more. The conversion process is simple, inexpensive and requires no major overhaul of the vehicle.


Goodwin Assist’s unique engineering allows for uninterrupted driving on the unlikely event of a system or component failure, making The Patented Goodwin Assist the only alternative for critical vehicle operation. This development has seen multiple generations of prototype vehicles with significant efforts placed on safety, components testing and systems engineering. Untold hours of refinement and testing, as well as enough miles driven across the United States many times over, has allowed us to prove The Goodwin Assist system.