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Johnny Magic & Team

Johnathan Goodwin and his company H-Line Conversions pioneered “The Conversion” (Hummer Duramax Diesel Conversions) of the H1 and H2 Hummers from gasoline, 325 hp, and 8-12 mpg to eco-friendly biodiesel 650+ horsepower and around 25 miles per gallon. With over 100 H1 conversions and 60 H2 conversions, nobody, and we mean nobody has the results that H-Line Conversions, Inc. does. We’ve become known for our “can do” attitude where we believe that almost nothing is impossible. With a proven track record, we’ve gained the confidence of politicians and celebrities such as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (we converted his 1989 Jeep Wagoneer to BioDiesel), Neil Young (special project to convert his 1959 Continental to a Series Hybrid Electric Plugin) LincVolt, and Tim (Tool Time) Allen modifying an H3 Hummer with a turbo V8 that breaks all 4 tires loose in All Wheel Drive. We are mostly converting H1 and H2 Hummers (all years) but will entertain custom orders for other vehicles. Please get in contact with us for more information.


Duramax Conversion

Finally, a kit to convert your Hummer yourself to the legendary Duramax diesel. This kit consists of all components, except for the drive train which can be purchased separately.

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E-Charger, a revolutionary new
bolt-on technology.

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