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You can now have great fuel mileage, low emissions, and tons of horsepower as developed by the man who started it all!

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About Duramax Diesel Conversions

Johnathan Goodwin and his company H-Line Conversions pioneered “The Conversion” (Hummer Duramax Diesel Conversions) of the H1 and H2 Hummers from gasoline, 325 hp, and 8-12 mpg to eco-friendly biodiesel 650+ horsepower and around 25 miles per gallon. With over 100 H1 conversions and 60 H2 conversions, nobody, and we mean nobody has the results that H-Line Conversions, Inc. does. We’ve become known for our “can do” attitude where we believe that almost nothing is impossible. With a proven track record, we’ve gained the confidence of politicians and celebrities such as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (we converted his 1989 Jeep Wagoneer to BioDiesel), Neil Young (special project to convert his 1959 Continental to a Series Hybrid Electric Plugin) LincVolt, and Tim (Tool Time) Allen modifying an H3 Hummer with a turbo V8 that breaks all 4 tires loose in All Wheel Drive. We are mostly converting H1 and H2 Hummers (all years) but will entertain custom orders for other vehicles. Please get in contact with us for more information.

Hummer Duramax Diesel Conversion Kit

Finally, a kit to convert your Hummer yourself to the legendary Duramax diesel. This kit consists of all components, except for the drive train which can be purchased separately. With over 15 years of conversion engineering you can be assured of an easy to install, quality package. The kit also includes detailed instructions. A staff member will be available if you have any questions with your Hummer Duramax Diesel Conversions. Please visit our Hummer Conversion Kit website for more information:

Complete Humvee/H1 Duramax Kit Only: $14,500!

Complete Humvee/H1 Duramax Kit With Drive Train: $22,500!

H-Line Green Package

Basic 500 HP Economy Package

– DuraMax Diesel 6.6 Liter
– Allison Automatic Transmission 263 XHD 2HI 4HI
– Custom Intercooler
– Oversize HD Drive-Shafts
– High Capacity Transmission Cooler
– Aluminum InterCooler Tubes
– 4″ Hi-Flo Exhaust w/Resonator
– Angle Cut Clutch Fan Drive System
– 500 HP Performance Programming

H1/H2: $32,500 Installed!

Humvee: $32,500 Installed! 

H-Line Red Package

High Performance 850 HP Package

– Includes ALL Green package components
– Stage V Transmission Upgrade
– High-Performance 2.7″ Inducer/Ball Bearing Turbocharger
– Dual Fueler Pump Option w/ Electric Lift Pump
– Red Package Performance Programming

Starting at $51,995

Cummins 4BT/6BT Conversion Kit

We also offer the Cummins 4BT/6BT conversion kit to our customers. With over 15 years of conversion engineering you can be assured of an easy to install, quality package. The kit also includes detailed instructions. Please visit our Hummer Conversion Kit website for more information.

Powerstroke Diesel & LS Conversion Kits

We also offer the Powerstroke Diesel Conversion kit and the LS Conversion kit. For more information and kit parts please visit our Hummer Conversion Kit for more information or contact us directly.

Electric Conversion Kit

We now offer a kit for converting your Humvee or Hummer to a full electric solution. For more information about our electric conversion solutions please contact us directly.

Both the H1 and H2 Hummer H-Line Green Packages start at $32,500 and once your vehicle is delivered to our shop in Wichita, KS, turnaround time is typically 21 to 35 days for the H1 and 14 to 28 days for the H2. Please allow for an additional 2 weeks for the H-Line Red Performance Package. For more information on our Hummer Duramax Diesel Conversions please contact us.

We also offer fully “custom” conversions, due to the extensive fabrication for these one-off custom conversions the starting price is $50,000. Please contact us directly to discuss the details of your custom conversion needs further.